AUDI R9 Cosmo M2396 Childern Battery Operated Car

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AUDI R9 Cosmo M2396 Childern Battery Operated Car In Pakistan

  • The chip model cars audi R9 2396 – the movement of visually similar to the FLIGHT + damper system!
  • 2 x 35W motor, 10,000 rpm, rear-wheel drive
  • Stylish, futuristic design with light and visual effects
  • 1 x 12V 7A rechargeable battery, sealed, secure
  • MP3 – Module + speakers and volume control signals
  • Remote control with a range of 20 meters radius, powered by 6 AA batteries which are not included in the delivery.
  • * Audi rings are not provided in the design, so the electric vehicle may differ in minor details from the photos.
  • Remote control: forward, backward, left or right at a distance of up to 20 meters. antenna gain
  • Rear-wheel drive enables electric vehicle to travel at a speed of 7 km / h
  • 220V charger supplied
  • Music: music and sounds on the steering wheel
  • Fast battery charging: just 8-10 hours.
  • Headlights, wheels and lights illuminate when driving (can be switched on and off)
  • Realistic windshield and comfortable seat
  • Seat belt on the latch for 1 baby
  • Futuristic streamlined body in the sporty Audi R9 style
  • Colorful design in white, looks very stylish and expensive.
  • Tested by leading racers from 1 to 8 years.
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Wheels with light – very stylish and cool look to this model.
  • Power switch ON / OFF (sound of the engine at startup)
  • Maximum speed of 3-7 kilometers per hour: the gearbox switches to the right of the driver
  • All-wheel drive equipped with rubber pads that provide a quiet ride on the asphalt
  • Battery indicator shows how much time is left until the battery discharge
  • The accelerator pedal is aligned with the brake pedal function 2 in 1. Press – going, let go – slows.

Dimensions and weight of children’s electric car AUDI R9

  • Dimensions of children’s electric M 2396: 110x70x47, 120x68x42 size boxes
  • Total weight 16.5 kg 2396 M
  • Weight per box – 21 kg
  • Maximum load 35 kg
  • It shipped will not be assembled inside the box, you will find a detailed illustrated assembly instructions in the box

AUDI R9 Cosmo M2396 Childern Battery Operated Car

AUDI R9 Cosmo M2396 Childern Battery Operated Car

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