Baking Paper Roll in Pakistan

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Baking Paper Roll in Pakistan With Low In Price

This  Baking Paper Roll in Pakistan is a good way to bake, cook, and prepare food that does not make your kitchen a mess! Use for lining cookie sheets, cake pans, baking pans, lasagna dishes. Reheat pizza, bake fish, and French fries in the oven, wrap cooked foods before reheating to keep them from drying out or wrap paneer, meat patty, cutlets, and Prevent splatters of any contents like butter or dough to keep the microwave clean and safe. The paper is high quality because it is still good in high temperatures up to 420°F, you can cut it into any shape making it fit for any stove or microwave pan size. 30cm wide and 500cm long, a genuine silicone parchment paper helps you make delicious cakes, bread, and cookies. Now Available at Shopping Planet Pk. So! get one today from Shopping Planet Pk

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  • Microwave safe, eco-friendly Non-stick grease locking
  • moisture-balancing 
  • Size: 300 mm width x 5 meters


Baking Paper Roll in Pakistan

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