Cool Cradle With Mosquito Net For Baby

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Cool Cradle With Mosquito Net For Baby Sale In Pakistan

This Cool Cradle With Mosquito Net is undeniably the best choice for your little one. It allows your baby to enjoy peaceful sleep without being disturbed by mosquito or other insect bites. The mosquito net attached to the cradle is of deluxe quality.This portable and lightweight product, flat folding and has a standard height. it has beautiful prints and comes with a swinging lock. Designed to provide optimum comfort to tiny tots, it features mattress with best cotton fabric. You can rely on this wonderful baby cradle to keep your child well protected from harmful insect bites and smokes of mosquito coils.Very easy to assemble.!A great gift for your baby and they will love it, So! get one today from Shopping Planet Pk

Key Features

Rocking Cradle with animal design
The whole bed with wheels can push and swing
separated condition
Storage basket
Cradle with mosquito net


Cool Cradle With Mosquito Net For Baby

Cool Cradle With Mosquito Net For Baby

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