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Intex Plastic Pool For Babies



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Intex Plastic Pool For Babies Sale In Pakistan

Make bath time safe, simple and fun for your baby with this water tub from Intex. Let your toddler sit comfortably on the floor of this spacious tub and play by splashing the water around. This water tub features soft inflatable plastic rings on the side and it also has a soft floor that is ideal for your little one to sit or lie down.Since it comes in attractive colors, it will surely catch your baby’s attention. You could also put some squeeze water toys into the tub for your little one and watch him smile with glee.A great gift for your baby and they will love it, So! get one today from Shopping Planet Pk


  • Size (5 Ft x 1 Ft)
  • Made by best & Durable Plastic
  • Age Range 1 to 5 Years Old
  • Very Light Weight
  • Put water in the pool according to your baby.

Note :- Don’t leave water into the pool after baby bath.


Intex Plastic Pool For Babies