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Kid Electric Bike In Pakistan Now With Reasonable Price 

This fantastic Kid Electric Bike In Pakistan is a Fancy-style motorcycle, sporty & eye-catcher with an amazingly smooth ride. As well as that! the sturdy frame of the bike ensures durability. So! Kids can zoom around on their favorite bikes. Moreover, a perfect balance for kids even as newbies. Never worry about his safety. Therefore! It’s easy to control for the complete safety of children. The ride-on has light and sound features, making it attractive to children and ensuring longer play hours, Cool light all over the body, and a switch control wheel light. On the other hand, you can play music as well by connecting MP3 or USB. Also, a hand rase gives kids a realistic experience and foot breaks improve reflexes. Finally! You may present it as the best gift for your loving offspring which will always be remembered and his cars for kids provide lots of fun. So! Don’t hesitate to buy this Kid Electric Bike In Pakistan from Shopping Planet Pk



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Key Features

Battery: 6V7AH
Age: 1-5
Hand accelerator
Foot Brake
Light In Wheels
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Kid Electric Bike In Pakistan Kid Electric Bike In Pakistan