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Mini Portable Electric Heater In Pakistan



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Mini Portable Electric Heater Price In Pakistan

Mini Portable Electric Heater In Pakistan is a very powerful heat source that transforms a cold room into a warm one, In other words, Electric Heater gives you personal heat wherever you go simply plug the heater into a plug socket and set the temperature to keep chills at bay. Ideal for home, garages, shops, offices, and traveling or camping, therefore, this Portable Electric Heater is a perfect solution for cold spaces at home, work, or on holiday. The infrared heating element is incredibly efficient because it uses less energy than standard, larger heaters. Only 500 watts will give you a temperature range of up to 32°C and it’s fully programmable so you can set the perfect temperature easily from the LED display to suit the conditions. You can control the temperature with remote control. It’s Energy saving, and super quiet, easy to use, lightweight, with a carry handle for easy transport. Now! it available on  Shopping Planet Pk
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  • PCT ceramic heating technology
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Power: 500 W   
  • Built-in a timer (1-12 hours)
  • The plug can be rotated 180 degrees.
  • remote control