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Portable Juicer Blender In Pakistan With Low In Price

This is a very creative Mini Portable Juicer Blender In Pakistan. You just need to put the different kinds of fruit and vegetables and make a cup of juice within 1 minute at a high speed. So you can enjoy one cup of juice at any time and anywhere. This Multifunctional USB rechargeable juicer blender, not only for making a protein shake, smoothie, juice. It works well for vegetables and other baby food. Quick charge device for cell phone, PC, USB light, and USB fan with the included cable.

Small in size and it will be used as a common bottle. Safe enough because of double safety protection on the power switch. Healthy and environmentally friendly and it is made from new and non-toxic material. It is mini and very convenient. Easy-to-clean. This portable juice machine has become a useful item for Offices, College Students & also for a picnic. Now, this portable juicer blender price in Pakistan 2020 is very low at  Shopping Planet Pk. So! Get one today from Shopping Planet Pk. This Portable juicer blender is available at Daraz at different prices also.

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Color: green, blue, pink, purple (optional)
Material: plastic
Volume: 380 ml
Item size: 9.25 * 3.00 inch  

Mini Portable Juicer Machine In Pakistan