New Activity Jumper For Baby In Pakistan


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New Activity Jumper For Baby In Pakistan

The New Activity Jumper For Baby In Pakistan will captivate your baby like no other activity jumper can. With 360 degrees of multi-sensory activities, your baby can swivel and play every which way. The activity center features 3 play stations and more than 12 activities to explore. The light-up piano lets your baby compose their first musical masterpiece, while the spinning frog bead chaser encourages hand-eye coordination. With extra link loops, The baby bounce chair allows your little one to jump and dance, which helps strengthen their developing leg muscles. With no doorways required, you can watch your baby safely play and grow wherever you need to be. A great thing for your baby and they will love it. So! get one today from Shopping Planet Pk

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Ages: 6-12 months.
Captivates & cultivates your baby’s curiosity.
The Seat swivels 360 degrees so the baby can choose activities.
5 height settings grow with the baby.
3 entertaining activity stations & 12+ activities.
Extra loops can hang baby’s favorite toys.
Weight Max: 25 lb.  

New Activity Jumper For Baby In Pakistan