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Portable Spill-Proof Bottle Drinks Straw



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Portable Spill-Proof Bottle Drinks Straw For Kids In Pakistan

This Portable Spill-Proof Bottle Drinks Straw is a sippy cap drinking protection tool for kids, that fits all beverage bottles of 2.7cm diameter mouth. Soft straw design easy and convenient for kids to drink water and juice. So! It’s Suitable for babies or kids. Non-toxic and soft food-grade silicone nozzle, no harm to baby’s tender mouth. Clamshell lid, cover, and bottle mouth together, do not worry about losing the cap. For instance! The sealed design prevents bacteria and dust from entering. it can be disassembled and cleaned, very convenient, Keep your drink clean. Great accessory for kids’ use. Now! it available on  Shopping Planet Pk
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Material: Plastic
Straw: silicon
Size: 5.2*4*4.6cm
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Portable Spill-Proof Bottle Drinks Straw