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Prestige Ice Cream Scoop Spoon


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Prestige Ice Cream Scoop Spoon

If you’re looking for the perfect basic scooped to dole out generous ice-cream portions, then check out the Prestige Ice Cream Scoop Spoon. It has a simple, no-fuss design, and is made from high quality stainless steel. Since it is absolutely sturdy and resilient, it allows you to scoop out even hard-frozen ice-cream without using much strength. It doles out perfectly rounded scoops, and is incredibly easy to maintain. It even has an eyelet for easy hanging storage.

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The best products of cooking vessels of the world is Prestige. Prestige is providing best quality products to their customers all over the world more than 50 years. You will always find best products and services from Prestige now and in future.


Prestige Ice Cream Scoop Spoon