Prestige Measuring Scoop In Pakistan

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Prestige Measurings Scoop In Pakistan

The Prestige Measuring Scoop In Pakistan an adjustable measuring cup and scoop, choosing a measurement is as easy as pushing or pulling a thumb slider. In other words, Each adjustable measuring cup features high-quality construction, a small round hole for storage on the wall or hook, and its dishwasher safe. Above all Measurements are listed in tablespoons and cups. Forget multiple sized cups and spoons and just get this one adjustable scoop for all your cooking and baking measurements. Well, It is a must-have for any kitchen. Now it’s Available at  Shopping Planet Pk. So! Get one today from Shopping Planet Pk

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Prestige Measuring Scoop In Pakistan Features 

  • Made of Plastic
  • Measurement slider for adjustable measurements in cups or tablespoons sizes
  • Eyelet for storage at end of handle

Prestige Measuring Scoop In Pakistan

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