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Rechargeable Battery Bike RR For Kids Sale In Pakistan

This  Rechargeable Battery Bike RR For Kids brings to you a fun and exciting range of ride-on motorcycles with realistic styles. Kids can experience the joy of riding a motorcycle and also develop skills such as balance and agility. It will bring excitement to every kids play time, while taking kids on a thrilling adventure. Wider seat Is comfortable for the kid to sit and the music will make the ride happy. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor playing and can easily be used on any hard, flat surface such wood or cement floors. your baby can continuously play it for which makes sure that your baby can abundantly enjoy it. So! Don’t hesitate to buy this  Rechargeable  Battery Bike RR  For Kids  Battery  from Shopping Planet Pk .


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Key Features

  • Material plastic
  • Hand drive
  • Battery operated 6v
  • Usb
  • MP3
  • Light wheels
  • key start
  • Music
  • Charging Time 6-10 Hours
  • Side Wheels
  • Working Sound 
  • Working Headlights
  • Horn
  • Forward and reverse
  •   6-10 Hours Full Charge.
  • Recommended Age (1-7 years old)
  • Weight capacity:25 kg
  • Product dimensions 92 x 40 x 57 cm


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Rechargeable Battery Bike RR For Kids