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Rechargeable Prado Jeep For Kids



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Rechargeable Prado Jeep For Kids Sale In Pakistan 

This Rechargeable Prado Jeep For Kids has a smooth start and acceleration, so! at a young age, the child will not be afraid to ride the Jeep, this will make the child’s ride as comfortable and safe as possible. Large wheels and high ground clearance allow you to overcome any obstacles. The jeep is controlled with the help of a remote. This will allow you to control the independent ride of the child and ride even very young children safely using the remote control. High-latched doors are attached to the jeep, there is also an opening hood, under which a battery is installed. The jeep starts up with a button.

The machine has brilliant front and rear lights. This will illuminate a road and undoubtedly your child will love riding at night. You can adjust the volume of music as per your choice. Above All! There is also a battery indicator. This jeep has a cool look, and bright colors, is the current popular style, very suitable as a gift for children. Our Rechargeable Prado Jeep for kids is made to last and provide lots of fun. So! Don’t hesitate to buy this Rechargeable Prado Jeep For Kids from Shopping Planet Pk  


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Key Features


  •   1 X 12V battery  
  •  4 Motors
  • Running Time 45-60 Minutes
  • 130 x 82 x 77cm (LxWxH)
  • Double doors openable
  • Weight capacity 30 kg
  • Speed 3.5 to 6 Km/h
  • rubber wheels,
  • shock absorbers, 
  • soft leather seat
  • two-point seat belt
  • For 1 to 9 years kids
  • USB MP3 Player
  • Remote control
  • Light & Sound