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Rocking Ride-On Giraffe Toy For Baby



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Rocking Ride-On Giraffe Toy For Baby Sale In Pakistan

This Rocking Ride-On Giraffe Toy For Baby is the perfect toy to help your toddler develop coordination, strength, and basic balance. Babies can hold on to the handles for stability and rock or the giraffe can be removed from the rocking slats. So! your child can roll around on it with the wheels instead.

Moreover! The giraffe rocker has bright colors and an animal design, both boys and girls will love playing with this interactive toy. Not only will your child enjoy rocking and rolling on it, but they will also love the spinner on the head, musical songs, and lights.

Ideal for children 12 months to 3 years old, Your little one will spend hours enjoying this fun and engaging toy! A great gift for your baby and they will love it. So! get one today from Shopping Planet Pk


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Key Features

Material: Plastic
Color: Multi
 Dimensions: (L)25″ x (H)22″ x (W)11″
children 12 months to 3 years.
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Rocking Ride-On Giraffe Toy For Baby