Semi Auto Egg Whisk In Pakistan


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Semi Auto Egg Whisk In Pakistan With Reasonable price

This Semi Auto Egg Whisk In Pakistan is easy to use, does not require a battery, has no noise, and can be rotated by pressing the eggbeater without using any wrist movement. Just push the whisk and it will rotate by itself and can save your cooking time, Your kitchen helper for baking. It can be used as an egg beater, whisk mixer, cream stirrer. Necessary for restaurant, hotels, and home use. Stainless steel material safe and healthy food grade material, easy to clean. Easy to use! it is a must have for any kitchen. Now it’s Available at  Shopping Planet PkSo! Get one today from Shopping Planet Pk

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Material: stainless steel 
 Size: 6 x 25.5 cm
Semi Auto Egg Whisk In Pakistan