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Spice Jar With Spoon For Kitchen



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Spice Jar With Spoon For Kitchen Sale In Pakistan

This Spice Jar With Spoon will make your kitchen more attractive. It’s a multi-purpose pack of 3. Each jar has a lid and spoon, Oil Brush, and honey Container. Just! Open the lid attached to the spoon and easily extract the seasoning that you need. This Spice Jar With a Spoon For the Kitchen is Ideal for daily use in the dining table and kitchen, the smooth rotation helps you easily access each spice container. These jars can be used to store, spices, sugar, salt, pepper, tea, cinnamon, ketchup, mayonnaise, oil, and any of your favorite condiments. The spice jar also has a leakproof silicone gasket on its wide mouth the lid for airtight sealing so you perfectly preserve any ingredient and keep it fresh for longer. Made of high-quality materials, it is durable. Bright color and transparent design, convenient to use.

Moisture-proof and dust-proof, easy to clean. With this bottle in your kitchen, your kitchen will be more organized and orderly! Keep the seasonings in a clean container and avoid insects from the start. A great tool to help keep your kitchen clean. It is a must-have for any kitchen. So! Get one today from Shopping Planet Pk.


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Spice Jar With Spoon For Kitchen