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Stainless Pizza Scissors Sale In Pakistan


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Stainless Pizza Scissors Sale In Pakistan

One look at these Stainless Pizza Scissors and you can immediately see their usefulness. Toss those old pizza-cutting implements such as that huge meat cleaver, those sharp, scary rollers, or that outlandish laser pizza cutter, and just cut that ‘zza like you would a piece of paper, with the resulting slice safely nestled on its wedge-shaped spatula and ready for slinging at your hungry minions. Wash and dry well with a soft cloth.Now Available at Shopping Planet Pk 

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Slices and serves in one motion
Prevents toppings from dropping
Maintain visual appeal of pizza
Prevents damage to pans and serving dishes
Prevents a messy serving area
Fits in drawer
Contoured Soft Grip
Stainless Serrated Blades
Dishwasher Safe