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Thumb Press Salt Or Pepper Grinder


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Thumb Press Salt Or Pepper Grinder For Kitchen Sale In Pakistan

This Thumb Press Salt Or Pepper Grinder makes freshly ground pepper powder spice for enjoying a tasty salad or steak. Simply unscrew the top and pour any variety of pepper, corn, salt rock, and sea salt crystal, then use one push with one hand, Necessary amount will come with one push which can be easily operated, and more convenient than traditional pepper grinders. Suitable for milling pepper, corn, mustard seed, and other small-sized spices. Thick acrylic trough design, transparent visibility, seasoning at a glance, resistance to bacteria, and can keep hygiene as well. High-quality food-grade stainless steel, easy to operate with a thumb push. Safely, quick grinding method, convex pin press, sharp teeth design also crushes immediately, Simple fashion design, small and portable anywhere. Suitable for restaurants, hotels, and home use. It is a must-have for any kitchen. So! Get one today from Shopping Planet Pk.

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Thumb Press Salt Or Pepper Grinder