BMW K1300 S Chargeable Motorcycle for Kids

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BMW K 1300 S Chargeable Motorcycle for Kids in Pakistan with Cash On delivery

This BMW K 1300s is a definite must for any young bike enthusiast. It is totally the perfect gift for any youngster’s birthday or special occasion. It is guaranteed to fulfill the dreams of any your bike enthusiast. The first ever BMW Heavy bike Motor Bike has arrived with its real model stylish looks , unique design and choice of colors. Become Envy of your neighborhood with this BMW K 1300s Motorcycle Powered Ride On Car also. Because of this Kids will never forget this one of a kind childhood toy. It made same like real model of BMW K 1300s Motorbike. So! Don’t hesitate to buy this New MG 868 Battery Operated Car For Kids from Shopping Planet Pk 

key features

1) Key starting function. After starting the power supply, the starting sound and acceleration sound of the engine will occur and three dashboard lights will be turn on also. 2)Function of fuel buttons: an engine acceleration sound button, a horn button, and two music buttons. No matter what any button press, the left and right lamps of the motorcycle head will be on with sound rhythm. 3)Forward/backward function. There is a forward gear, neutral gear, reverse gear, transfer switch in front of the seat. 4) Three forward gears. The fuel tank has a speed change switch of first gear, second gear, and third gear. 5) Forward/Backward slow brake function: No matter what the forward or backward operate. there will be about 1 second delay slow brake function during stop !


BMW K1300 S Chargeable Motorcycle for Kids 
BMW K1300 S Chargeable Motorcycle for Kids

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