BMW LG-5188 Chargeable Battery Car for Kids

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BMW LG-5188 Chargeable Battery Car for Kids Sale In Pakistan

Bring It BMW LG-5188 Chargeable Battery Car If your child loves exploring and playing “grown-up, “The vehicle’s durability and leather seat makes an effortless ride. Put key into ignition to start the car and sends your little one off in search of big adventures. Is your child too little to ride the car? No worries use the included parent remote control to control the car until they learn how to ride the Rover! They’ll get all the driving and off-road fun they want at a super safe (2 – 5 MPH)-fast enough for fun and slow enough for adults to walk behind. And, when he’s bigger and more experienced, he can ride himself! So! Don’t hesitate to buy this BMW LG-5188 Chargeable Battery Car for Kids from Shopping Planet Pk 

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Key Features

  • BMW Sports Style car
  • 12v rechargeable battery
  • 3-7 km/h max .speed
  • Forward/reverse/auto brake on release
  • High/low speed
  • Age 2-6yrs (40kg weight limit)
  • Charge time 6 – 8 hours (full charge)
  • Drive time 1-2 hours (after full charge)
  • Horn button
  • Car doors open/close
  • Bluetooth remote control