Color Kaboom AirBrush For Kids Learning In Pakistan

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Color Kaboom AirBrush For Kids Learning In Pakistan


Color Kaboom AirBrush For Kids Learning In Pakistan. Rose Art Color KaBoom Airbrush takes creating with color to a whole new level! Create BOLD on BLACK with the introduction of Rose Art’s innovative ink technology – ink colors develop before your eyes, becoming opaque as they dry to create burst of color! Colors can be overlapped to create awesome layered effects. Included stencil sheets consists of trendy graphics for customizing your own urban designs on any black paper. All in one air brush and Kaboom Sticks. Everything at your fingertips. The Color KaBoom Airbrush set includes the motorized airbrush unit with spinning base, spray nozzle and hose; 10 KaBoom Sticks, 5 stencils sheets, 20 sheets black paper, 2 black art boards and two cords for hanging your creations. You’ll have a blast creating like never before! Ages 6 and older. Shopping Planet Pk always keep in touch with Social Media Networks Like FacebookTwitterGoogle+ Etc.


  • Motorized Airbrush with spinning base
  • 10 Kaboom Sticks
  • 5 Stencil sheets (5″x7″)
  • 20 Sheets of black paper (8″x10″) and 2 Art boards (5″x7″)
  • 2 Cords (12″) for hanging your customized art board!


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