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Drum Beat Set For Kid

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Drum Beat Set For Kid Sale In Pakistan

This amazing toy drum set includes 5 drums, 2 drumsticks, a pedal mechanism, and a microphone. It also comes with a wide range of sound combinations and sound effects built into the stand. This drum set is preset with various demos, rhythms, echoes, and tempos that will help your kid to fine-tune his musical experiments with utmost ease. Added further to its charm is the pedal mechanism, that either mimics the laughter or applause of the audience.so get one today from  Shopping Planet Pk 

Features & details

Drum kit features 5 Drums, 2 Pedal Mechanism, 1 Microphone, 2 Drumsticks

Demo Songs, Volume control, Record and Replay buttons, Tempo control, Drum and Rhythm controls

Stand is height adjustable and features a Sing-a-long microphone

Real working lights with applause button



 Drum Beat Set For Kid

 Drum Beat Set For Kid