“Why did the player get removed from the game? Club president hits referee!”

Why did the player get removed from the game Club president hits referee!

“Why did the player get removed from the game? Club president hits referee!”


Why did the player get removed from the game? Club president hits referee!” . On December 12, 2023, a dramatic turn of events unfolded during a Super League match in Turkey involving Ankara Gaku. The host team initially took the lead in the opening match on Monday night, but the game took a different direction after 50 minutes when one of their players was shown a red card and sent off.

Seizing the opportunity, the opposing team’s players scored a goal, leveling the match with one goal each. However, the drama didn’t end there. After the final whistle, chaos erupted on the field.

The president of Ankara Gaku Football Club, infuriated by the player’s ejection, rushed onto the field and physically assaulted the match referee, Halil Amut Miller. The unexpected attack caused Miller to lose his balance and fall to the ground, leaving him with a swollen face and a minor fracture.

The post-match turmoil not only raised eyebrows but also overshadowed the on-field action, leaving fans and officials alike in shock over the unprecedented incident.”



On Tuesday, a picture showed Miller in a hospital bed with a swollen eye and a neck collar. Dr. Yurbulut from Isibadem Hospital mentioned that Miller didn’t suffer severe brain injuries and might leave the hospital on Wednesday. Shopping Planet PK

“The swelling in Miller’s left eye is going down,” added Dr. Yurbulut.

Mellor, a 37-year-old referee, handles FIFA international matches and is part of UEFA’s elite referees. Koca, 59, a member of President Erdogan’s AK Party, expressed concern.

President Erdogan, emphasizing sports as a symbol of peace, was deeply troubled by the incident. He affirmed that violence has no place in Turkish sports.

Reaction to this event

Ankara Goko Club is sorry about what their president did. They said, “We feel really bad about this.”

After the Kekor Rezpur match at Eriman Stadium, something bad happened, and the club president is sorry for it.

Kekur Razpur sent a message to Mailer, saying they strongly dislike what happened after the Ankara Gaku match.

They also said sorry to all referees, and they hope the referee Halil Amot Mailer gets better soon.

All league matches are stopped for now, according to Mohammad Buyuksi, who is the chairman of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF).

This attack is embarrassing for Turkish football.

Buyuksi added, “These are just football games. It’s not a war. Not all teams can be champions at the same time. We all need to understand that.”

They will talk about what punishment to give starting on Tuesday in the decision-making committees.


Why did the player get removed from the game Club president hits referee!

A statement from the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) pointed out that recent reckless remarks from club leaders, coaches, and TV commentators targeting referees led to a terrible attack. The TFF assured that, with state support, strict actions are being taken against those responsible for the inhumane assault. Criminals attacking clubs, presidents, managers, and referees will face severe consequences.

Galatasaray, a major Turkish team, held an emergency meeting to address the escalating issues in Turkish football. They emphasized the need for unity against such incidents in their statement.

The Turkish Association of Active Football Referees and Observers called on referees to remain on the field until changes are implemented. They stressed that the violent attack on Halil Emot Meler wasn’t just against him but the entire referee community.


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