Factors That Reduce The Desire To Have Sex In Men And Women

Factors That Reduce The Desire To Have Sex In Men And Women

Factors That Reduce The Desire To Have Sex In Men And Women

Factors That Reduce The Desire To Have Sex In Men And Women. Low libido is a common issue affecting many couples today, with one in five men and a higher percentage of women experiencing a decline in sexual desire, as reported by the National Health Service (NHS) of Great Britain. While not always indicative of serious medical problems, it’s crucial to address persistent or recurrent loss of sexual desire.

Psychiatrist Katrina de Moraes, also the secretary of the Brazilian Association of Sexual Medicine, emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between low libido and other sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction. She points out that a diminishing desire for sex doesn’t necessarily equate to disease, especially in long-term relationships where satisfaction can still exist.

Endocrinologist Diego Fonseca suggests evaluating symptoms of low libido over six consecutive months before seeking treatment. Understanding individual circumstances during clinical evaluations is essential.

Experts highlight four key factors contributing to changes in sex drive:

Factors That Reduce The Desire To Have Sex In Men And Women

1. Changes in Different Stages of Life:

Decreased sex drive can result from stress, fatigue, altered routines, and lifestyle changes. Responsibilities such as childcare may take precedence over intimate moments. While normal for couples to experience a natural decline in desire over time, as long as satisfaction exists, it may not indicate a disease.

2. Psychological Problems:

Conditions like depression and stress can significantly reduce sexual desire. Chemical imbalances in the brain, affecting serotonin and dopamine, play a role in pleasure and emotion. Treatment for depression, while possibly impacting libido, should not be abandoned. Open communication with a doctor is crucial to address concerns related to sexual desire.

3. Changes in Hormones:

Hormonal changes, specifically testosterone in men and estrogen in women, are linked to sexual desire. Estrogen influences both sexual and emotional health, while testosterone affects sexual desire and sperm production. Hormonal changes can occur due to various factors, including pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and obesity. Diagnosis and treatment consider individual health.

Factors That Reduce The Desire To Have Sex In Men And Women

4. Diseases:

Certain diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries, or neuropathy, can affect nerves associated with sexual desire and erectile function. Diabetes, in addition to causing hormonal changes, can lead to fatigue and neuropathy, reducing sensitivity and sexual desire. Heart disease and related medications may also contribute to fatigue and decreased libido.

Treatment for decreased sexual desire varies based on individual diagnosis, and doctors emphasize open communication between partners to better understand and address the situation collaboratively.

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