Is Chinese Garlic a ‘National Security Threat’ in the US?

Is Chinese Garlic a 'National Security Threat' in the US

Is Chinese Garlic a ‘National Security Threat’ in the US?

December 9, 2023, Is Chinese Garlic a ‘National Security Threat’ in the US? Yes, People are about garlic coming from China to the United States. They say it might be a danger to the country. Senator Rick Scott, a Republican, has asked the government to check if bringing garlic from China is not safe.


What is the Senator’s Claim?

Is Chinese Garlic a 'National Security Threat' in the US

Moreover, Senator Scott is worried about the health of Americans because of garlic from China. He wrote a letter to the Secretary of Commerce, saying that the way they grow garlic in China is not good. He says that people are learning these ways from online videos, cooking blogs, and documentaries. The senator also thinks that they grow garlic in what he calls ‘savage water.’ He wants the government to look into this and check if bringing this garlic to the US is affecting the country’s safety.

Senator Scott wants all types of garlic to be checked, like whole or cloves, peeled, fresh, frozen, packed in water, or any other way. He thinks it’s an emergency for food safety and security, and it could be a big problem for the country’s safety, health, and money.

What do Scientists Say?

Is Chinese Garlic a 'National Security Threat' in the US

Scientists from McGill University in Quebec say there’s no proof that they use dirty water to grow garlic in China. In 2017, the university said it’s okay to use human waste as fertilizer. They explain that it works just like animal waste. Even though it might not look good to grow crops with human waste, it’s safer than people might think.

So, while the senator says Chinese garlic is a danger, scientists are saying there’s no evidence for that. Certainly, It’s turning into a big argument between what politicians say and what scientists say. This argument could affect how countries trade with each other and how much garlic people can get. The government needs to check all the facts to figure out what’s happening.

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